In rental:

RED EPIC DRAGON X ready to shoot

MoVi M15 incl. MIMIC,ring and AKIRA Upgrade

Splashwaterhousing for MoVi M15/M10 ; DJI Ronin

Digilab with RED ROCKET X and Tagent Wave Panel

DIT Station

Digifox Remote Focus

Sony Alpha 7s2 ready to shoot

Nauticam NA-A7II Underwaterhousing for Sony Alpha 7s2

Blackmagic 7” Videoassist 4K

Connex mini HD Wireless 2xRX/1xTX

TV Logic 056WP

Underwaterhousing for TV Logic 056WP

Sony Alpha 7s

MöVi M10

EF Mount Primes and Zooms

E Mount Zooms

Sachtler Video18p

Canon 5d MkII

1,2kw HMI

575 HMI


LED Lights

2KW Honda Generator

Divingequipment for up to 10 person


Price and availibility on request.