In rental:

2x RED EPIC DRAGON X ready to shoot

MoVi Pro incl.MoVi Conroller MIMIC,ring

Splashwaterhousing for MoVi Pro/M15/M10 ; DJI Ronin

Digilab with RED ROCKET X and BM Mini Panel

DIT Station ready to shoot

5KWh Powerpack

Digifox Remote Focus

Tilta Nucelus M Remote Focus

3x BMCC 6K ready to shoot

Sony Alpha 7s2 ready to shoot

Nauticam NA-A7II Underwaterhousing for Sony Alpha 7s2

2x Blackmagic 7” Videoassist 4K

Wireless HD 2xRX/1xTX

TV Logic 056WP

SmallHD 702

Underwaterhousing for TV Logic 056WP

MöVi M15

Sigma FF T1.5 24mm;35mm;50mm;85mm EF Mount

Sigma 18-35mm T2.0 EF Mount

EF Mount Primes and Zooms

E Mount Zooms

2x Sachtler Video18p

1m x 1m CRLS Set

CRLS Drive Set

2x Aputure LS600D incl Fresnel

2x Aputure Nova p300 incl Softbox

2x Aputure LS300x incl Fresnel,Softbox,19°Spotmount

Cameraslider Prosub Tango Roller 

Divingequipment for up to 10 person


Canon 5d MkII

electrotransporter for camera movements and logistics

electrotransportbikes for camera movements and logistics

Price and availibility on request.